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To vote by mail for Michael Caldwell, you need to send in a completed request form. Follow the steps below and we’ll send you as many forms as your family needs with a stamped, preaddressed envelope ready to go.

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If you have more than one voter in your home, let us know how many there are so we can mail you enough mail-in ballot requests.

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Scan and email the completed application to or mail the application to: Cherokee County Elections
400 E. Main Street,
Canton, GA 30114
Absentee Ballot
130 Peachtree St SW, Ste 2186,
Atlanta, GA 30303

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We’re sending you a mail-in ballot request form! Please check your mail over the next few days, and follow the instructions on the form to receive your mail-in ballot.

Please follow the instructions on the printed mail-in ballot request form. The elections office should send you a mail-in ballot within a few days of sending in your request!

Can I earn your vote?

Michael Caldwell is a Republican running for State Senate in District 21.

Pro Term Limits!

The only candidate who supports term limits

Pro-Life Wins!

Passed strongest Pro-Life Bill in America

A-Rated by the NRA

The only candidate who has always maintained an A-Rating with the NRA

No Lobbyist Dollars

The only candidate who rejects all lobbyist contributions

Business Owner!

The only candidate who owns their own business and creates jobs in Georgia

Locally Supported

The only candidate whose campaign is 100% funded by Georgians

“...Rep. Caldwell has led efforts to spur economic growth, lower healthcare costs, enhance educational outcomes, protect life, and preserve our conservative, Georgia values. He is an asset under the Gold Dome and I am proud to call him a colleague and friend.”
— Governor Brian Kemp
February 25th, 2020
“He is the future of the Republican Party in this state... He is a fantastic young conservative and a brilliant mind, and the people up there in the district should go with Michael Caldwell”
— Erick Erickson
Quote from WSB Radio on March 5, 2020
“Michael Caldwell is an authentic pro-life leader whose deep courage and commitment made it possible for Georgia to pass the most prolife law in the nation in 2019.”
— Representative Ed Setzler
Lead Sponsor and Author of the Heartbeat Bill